Auditioning notes and chords in scores

Adding an "Audition" feature is something most other Notators have. You keep your mouse on a note and by pressing SHIFT + Mouse click (listen to single current note sustained) or CTRL + Mouse click (ALL the notes running verticle up the score on that note's position sustained. This is extremeley needed troubleshooting finding a wrong note in a specific in the score. Maybe adding a "zooming" feature to this is a good idea...that is, as you sustain a chord (Auditioning notes on a single beat in the score, the note the mouse touches "zooms" louder (or the other notes in that beat "zooms" softer). Now you can hear the note while the entire score's notes on that beat plays with, but just softer allowing one to hear the louder note with the rest of the score's notes on that beat. It's like (when rehearsing a band) telling the 2nd Trumpet player to play a certain note sustained (to hear if it is correct) and asking the rest of the band to play their notes, but just softer so you can hear if the 2nd Trumpet's note is correct within that chord. Finale could do this (except for the "zooming") for decades already. PLEASE consider this because this is a really needed feature. I think some Pro's call is "Scrubbing".



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