Include detailed Check out licence info in Licence Server Log

Here is an excerpt from a log in the Sibelius 7 Licence Server:

(52098) : : Adding client id: 6669 (9 of 50)

(52099) : : Client alive

(52099) : : Client add request version: 7.1, feature: ENT_SIBELIUS_SEAT, protocol: 5000, machineID: 6CF7D469, comp: LAPBRAD, user: Bradley

(52099) : : New client at this address

(52099) : : Adding client id: 6670 (10 of 50)

(52141) : : Client requested licence checkout

(52141) : : Checkout permitted for 14 days


..I can see that a license has been checked out. But there is no easy way to see how many have been checked out. I was hoping the lines that say eg “Adding client id: 6670 (10 of 50)” could include checked out licenses. Then I could easily look down the file and see how many people have a license, rather than just how many are connected right now.


Including this with a little more info to specifically identify how many licences are currently checked out would be a great help.



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