Linked Staves (or Staves with a particular function)

As a professional staff arranger for a premiere music organization, it becomes to difficult to manage the balance between publisher quality music and a chart that is revision-friendly. In order for me to stem away from separate score/part files for appearance demands, I often combine instrument staves for the score to free up real estate and hide the individual instrument parts to "Parts only." This allows me to designate what will be seen in the score and what is actually a part to be distributed. The problem with this is completing a chart and having to deal with revisions. With revisions, I wish I had the ability to change one thing and have anything linked to that one parameter be "linked" to change as well.


For example, a score I have has FLUTE 1+2 in the score, and FLUTE 1 and FLUTE 2 hidden for parts. I also have the FLUTE 1 part cued in a couple of brass instruments. But if I were to change the something in the FLUTE 1 part, I would like the ability for it to be reflected in the combined staff and in the cue. It's probably better that I do the work myself for such a small function, but it certainly could have other applications.


Another example would be to designate a staff a function as a workaround. If I could designate the staff as PART ONLY, I don't need to worry about hiding it all the time making it easier to manage my score.


Hard to know if this is something people would request, but maybe it will lead to other ideas.



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