Make configurable the magnetic properties of Lines

The various classes of Line objects in a Sibelius score appear to have two independent properties affecting magnetic layout:


(1) whether the Line avoids other objects in the score by displacing itself;


(2) whether the Line pushes staves apart during Layout -> Optimize.


Just a few classes of Line have both properties (for instance: hairpins, trills, pedals). Most have only (1) and not (2). Some have neither.


Nowhere in the user interface does there appear to be any means by which the user can enable/disable these properties of Lines.


So, for instance, creating a "poco cresc." dotted line which can be placed between the two staves of a Grand Staff can be quite a challenge, as dotted lines do not have the property of pushing staves apart to make room for the Line.


At present, a work-around is to copy a Trill Line and re-design it to say "poco cresc." with a dotted line. But such a re-designed line still, by default, has the playback properties of a trill, and does not have the same playback properties as a hairpin.


How much easier things would be if one could simply edit the properties of a dotted line to have the "Push staves apart" property. So this Idea is to propose that Lines should have these properties exposed somewhere in the user interface.


I have attached a test Sibelius 7.5 score demonstrating which classes of Line have which magnetic properties.


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