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I'm an organist at a church with a three manual and pedal pipe organ which has been "midi-ied" and which can both transmit and receive midi data on all four keyboards. The top manual, the "swell," is hard-wired to send and receive midi data on midi channel 1. The middle manual, the "great," sends and receives on channel 2. The bottom manual, the "choir" is set to channel 3, and the pedals send and receive on midi channel 4. The top manual has a volume pedal associated with it, and that pedal sends (and the organ recognizes) midi controller 7 volume data. The bottom manual also has a volume pedal associated with it, and it too sends and responds to controller 7 volume data — but for some unexplained reason, this data is sent and received on channel 2. Lastly, the stops of the organ and the preset buttons, or pistons, which control groupings of them, transmit sysex data and this data is sent and responded to on channel 1. Now, here's the problem: on a standard midi sequencer (mac or pc) you can set the input to "multi record" and, as you record in real time, the midi data from each of the keyboards — including any volume and sysex data — all will be recorded and routed to the proper channel assignment. Upon playback, the pipe organ responds perfectly, faithfully reproducing the performance. The bottom line question is: why can't Sibelius allow this same kind of simultaneous multi-channel recording and data input? Why can't the user set a "send and receive" grid for each desired channel? And why isn't there a midi editor or an input filter window to allow incoming midi data to be pre-screened? Thank you.



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