1.-Please plugins for Viola d'amore and Viola pomposa (add musical instruments)

2.-Please request Plugin to divide the instruments present in a score, if the space of the musical parts of each instrument are joined one over the other, and a new orchestra with the musical instruments that are gathered in the score is necessary, without affecting The score that is composed; If orchestra requires a lot of musical instruments


1.-Por favor plugins para Viola d'amore y Viola pomposa (agregar instrumentos musicales)

2.-Por favor solicito Plugin para dividir los instrumentos presentes en una partitura, si el espacio de las partes musicales de cada instrumento se juntaran las unas sobre las otras, y fuera necesario una nueva orquesta con los instrumentos musicales que se juntaran en la partitura, sin afectar la partitura que se componga; caso orquesta cque requieran gran cantidad de instrumentos musicales



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