"Realize Chord Symbol" plug-in: option to reuse generated staff

Here's a suggestion for REALIZE CHORD SYMBOLS: Add an option to "RE-USE GENERATED STAFF".


With this option, the plug-in would need to give the generated staff (or staves) distinct names, such as "Gen. Piano Staff" and "Gen. Guitar TAB Staff".


Then, if the "RE-USE" option is selected:


*) If there is not already a "Gen. XXX Staff", then add one and proceed as currently.


*) If there is already a "Gen. XXX Staff", then erase the contents of the bars of the "Gen. XXX Staff" corresponding to the bars that the user selected, and generate the accompaniment in those bars.


Here's why this option would help:


First, the option would make it easier to refresh the accompaniment. Today refreshing the generated accompaniment is three steps:


1) Delete the old generated staff.

2) Generate a new one.

3) Adjust the volume on the new one (the generated volume drowns out the melody).


The new option would eliminate steps (1) and (3), and the accompaniment could be refreshed with just step (2), a single keyboard shorthand.


Second, the option would make it easier to generate a mixed accompaniment, where some sections have a chord-per-beat and other sections use 8th note Alberti or whatever.



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