Sibelius Proprietary Tablet

A proprietary tablet custom designed for professional musicians, and groups of musicians, in a local network using Sibelius as the engine. The tablet system would meet this criteria: 1) True 9x12 inch screen size matching that of traditional printed music sheets. 2) Two 9x12 inch screen tablets hinged together as a book to match common printed music form, and for portability. 3) Wifi connection with a master/sub switch that would designate the conductor (or lead musician) as master and musicians as subs. This would allow the conductor to choose the music title and page to automatically load and display on all sub tablets together. 4) The conductor's notes and annotations would automatically load onto sub tablet music displays. 5) Individual musicians and 1st chair musicians can make and load notes and annotations within their instrument discipline. 6) Tablet system can be used on traditional music stands or with a custom stand. 7) Footswitch or touch screen page turning. 8) Built in 128 GB memory and also removable memory card slot. 9) Built-in hi-def camera and microphone that can transmit real-time to a central mixer/receiver as well as to internal memory for play back on any system tablet. 10) Built-in battery for at least 8 hours continuous use, and plug-ins for an auxillary battery or mains power.



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