scorch for ipad should be searchable and sortable

I have scorch on my ipad and many of my sibelius files loaded. There does not seem to be any way to search and locate a particular file and tap on it to get it to open. You can search for a file name and a list of files with that name will appear, but if you tap on the filename you will be opening whatever file is underneath the search results box and NOT the file you are trying to get to. You can only sort the files manually by dragging the file up or down on the ipad in list edit mode which is very slow and pretty unwieldy. It should be obvious that there should be the ability to sort and create folders and set lists so that it is possible to use this app efficiently. As it stands now it takes much too much time to set it up so that things are useable and it could be a lot easier.


Am I missing something?




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