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First ending too long

The first endings always end (graphically) somewhere in the next bar, not exactly above the bar line, when adding it to a completely selected measure. There is a workaround, you can make it right by not selecting the whole bar but only the notes and rests inside that same bar, but sometimes it's empty, and then it won't work...

Submitted by (@robertjanzandvoort)


252 votes
254 up votes
2 down votes


Improving adding bars at the beginning of a score

When we try to add one or more measures at the beginning of a score, Sibelius makes a tremendous mess, as shown in the attached image. This is because the title, subtitle, name of lyricist and composer, among other information, are tied to the first bar. When add bars at the beginning of the score, it will keep the information linked to that which previously was the first bar. It is important that when we add bars, all ...more »

Submitted by (@rogerio.pefi)


154 votes
155 up votes
1 down votes