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Keyboard shortcuts

Bring back and increase the number of keyboard shortcuts. Pre sib 7 I had built up quite a head of steam whilst inputting scores. My aim was not to touch the mouse if I could possibly avoid it. Quicker and better at avoiding RSI. Now with sib 7 most of my favourite keyboard shortcuts have disappeared and I have to stop work and go trawling through the loathsome toolbar until I find something as simple as small text.


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Fix Mac Keyboard Shortcut cmd + M to minimize current window

OS X: 10.8.2

Sib: 7.1.3


Most shortcuts like

cmd + h: hide window

cmd + w: close current window

cmd + q: quit sib

are working fine.


cmd + m to minimize the current window is somehow not recognized by Sibelius. Not sure what's going on. Was this forgotten to implement? Is it broken?


Please fix this. Thanks :)


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Sibelius keyboard shortcuts clash with Windows keyboards

The accepted keyboard modifier key for introducing internationalisation features on Windows keyboard mappings is "AltGr". Internally, the AltGr modifier key is equivalent to Ctrl+Alt held down simultaneously. Microsoft advises that applications should not use the Ctrl+Alt or Ctrl+Alt+Shift modifiers for their own purposes, so that these combinations are left clear for keyboard mapping extensions using AltGr. Unfortunately, ...more »


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