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When 'r' is pushed, repeat selected rests as is done for notes

When you select a note and push the 'r' key, that note is repeated, or if you select a group of notes and push 'r' they are all repeated. However, it would be only logical (and nice) for rests to work the same way. Currently if you select any type of rest and push 'r', nothing happens.


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Incorrect Notation - Minim (Half Note Rests) in 3/4

Gardner Read's "Music Notation - A Manual of Modern Practice" is categorical on the use of minim (half note) rests in 3/4. They're incorrect and should be replaced by two crochet (quarter note) rests (page 99). Elaine Gould's Guide to Music Notation "Behind Bars" is in complete agreement with this rule (page 161). However, Sibelius 6 through to 7.5 does not appear to recognise this notational precept. Not only is it possible ...more »


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