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Using aax dsp plugins in Insert or as effects

Would be great to be able using aax dsp plugins in order to relieve cpu when playing or exporting the score.

Sibelius is an Avid products, so this is desheartening that axx plugins are ignored while only vst and audiounits are only proposed.

Also it would be great that all the plugins would be classified by categories or at least listed alphabetically.

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Plugin format .aax

Hi. I'd love to suggest Sibelius also accepts plugins with the plugin format *aax. The sad story behind this is that Gibson has killed off Cakewalk, the product will neither be sold nor developped anymore. (Please see http://www.cakewalk.com/Gibson-Announcement.) As a user of Sibelius (8.7.2) it was a small step for me to replaye my #1 DAW Cakewalk Sonar by ProTools (12.8.2), but alas, ProTools takes only plugins with ...more »


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