Submitted by (@lindascott121)

copy articulations

I would love a way to intelligently copy slurs and articulations. For instance, once I select a bar with my (already entered) desired markings, I can copy said markings to ONLY the bars I want. Finale has something similar in their "smartfind and paint". This would save me alot of time


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Submitted by (@andrewnoahcap)

advanced articulation-input

It might be clever if one has to add a lot of similar articulations after, lets say, scanning, that one has to select the specific articulation only once and then can add thoses to notes with only mouse-clicks. (A second click onto the same note would delete the articulation)


This could be enabled/disabled via shortcut.


Helps a lot when proof-reading or correcting scanned scores.


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Submitted by (@madmusicologist)

Quartertone bugs

Please see for reference score my entry at http://www.sibelius.com/cgi-bin/helpcenter/chat/chat.pl?com=thread&start=667526&groupid=3& For certain instruments, when using quartertones, accents cause wrong pitches. Especially oboes, with accent >. Then I found that sometimes using legato slurs, or even the technical expression "legato" itself, caused the violins either to transpose a bit, or grace notes are added. !!! ...more »


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Submitted by (@mackieguy)

articulation triggers program change or CC change

Right now (V8.6.1) the playback dictionary only allows Sound ID changes. That's fine for people who are using Sibelius Sounds or have spent the hours and hours to create custom sound id's (if even possible). However, most sample libraries rely on program changes, CC messages and/or keyswitches. Please add those three options to the articulations tab in the playback dictionary. Please!! The staff text tab already ...more »


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