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Improving adding bars at the beginning of a score

When we try to add one or more measures at the beginning of a score, Sibelius makes a tremendous mess, as shown in the attached image. This is because the title, subtitle, name of lyricist and composer, among other information, are tied to the first bar. When add bars at the beginning of the score, it will keep the information linked to that which previously was the first bar. It is important that when we add bars, all ...more »


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Deleting Bar Also Deletes Special Barlines and Key Signature

When a bar is deleted that is followed by a new key signature and/or a special barline (double, dotted, etc.), the key signature is deleted and the barline reverts to a normal one. Please change the behavior so that deleting a bar only deletes that bar and anything in it, not barlines and the following key signature.


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Submitted by (@wd0000)

Page layout

One should be able not only to force a number of bars in one page but also to define the number of staves these bars are forced in on one single page.

What about a defining list of bars per system and systems per page, not only the predefined numbers of bars per system in auto breaks?


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