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Print with Enter key in Print dialog

Sibelius 7.5 doesn't use the Windows convention of allowing to use the Enter key in a print dialog to begin printing. In Sibelius 7.5, you have to click on the Print button to start printing instead. It might not seem to be such a big problem, but it's pretty annoying to me. I don't see a reason why Sibelius can't behave as other Windows applications do. Sibelius 5 allowed you to begin printing with the Enter key, ...more »


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Sibeluis forgets my preference for alternative Sounds location

I deleted my Sibelius 7 Sounds library because it was taking up 13GB of space. Now, whenever Sibelius starts, it has a popup that says "The library Sibelius 7 Sounds cannot be found. Would you like to specify an alternative location?" Since the sounds are gone, I always answer "No" after checking the box next to "Don't say this again", but it always says it again. I guess whoever put that checkbox there assumed no one ...more »


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