Note-editor for IPad (and Android-Tablets)

Everybody is talking about... but no solution in sight.


A little easy-to-use note-editor for the IPad/Android-Tablets as a free download for registered Sibelius User would bring you miles ahead.

One can enter some ideas and syncronize them with Sibelius or export them as a sib-file...


You wont believe how many people would just freak out... ;)

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Better note spacing rules needed

When spacing on the system is tight, Sibelius note spacing rules are poor. For instance, in the attached example (shown immediately after Reset Note Spacing), accidentals and augmentation dots in the lower staff (where there is plenty of room for them) cause irregular spacing in the upper staff, where the extra spacing is not required. This irregular result would not be considered acceptable by professional engravers. ...more »

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Alternative midi keyboard input method

When connected to a midi keyboard or digital piano (73-88 keys) and pedal/foot control, hold down the pedal/foot control to display note lengths/values mapped out across the keys and select what you need and then release your foot to return to note input. This could be a easy and quick way of entering notes with just your midi device and it's foot pedal.

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Have an App for iPad to speed up notation for non-keyboard users

It would be very nice to have an iOS app to complement the MacBook keyboard without numeric pad and to have all the functionality of the keypad window that shows the functions of the keypad on an iOS device screen. On iPad it would be nice to have a stave that you could tap on a place on the stave to make Sibelius input a note or rest (or any other notation element) in the current edit point. Additionally, the whole ...more »

Submitted by (@basisti)


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Preference to disable auto MIDI note entry

I often play my MIDI keyboard to test out variations of a composition. Once I have something I like, I enter the passage with the keyboard. In MuseScore, the MIDI keyboard takes on the sound of whatever instrument is selected (or was last selected), but note entry occurs only by explicitly turning on note entry. In Sibelius, I have to remember to hit ESC each time I test out a part. If I forget, notes get entered into ...more »

Submitted by (@freixas)


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New Comments with "staff capability"

New Comments with "staff capability". Maybe implementing this feature should be not a joke.. but I make a large use of both comments and ideas, and many times I miss the possibility to write music inside a comment. 

A comment like "to do: creating a melody with these notes, or with this chord" and a small staff in which i can write the chord or the notes. Less complex than ideas, but a bit more than a text comment.

Submitted by (@p.marzocchi)


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Keyboard hardware mapping has changed in Sibelius 7

I have a third-party Mac-compatible external keyboard, the USB 2.0 Keyboard by Matias. On Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, the keys are all mapped perfectly correctly when I use Sibelius 6 or PhotoScore. However, when I use the same keyboard with Sibelius 7, several of the hardware keys on the keypad no longer perform the assigned function. For instance, I have no way to use the keyboard to add a dot to the length of a note, ...more »

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