Submitted by (@robinwalker)

Noteheads overlay when should avoid

When there are two notes of the same pitch in opposing voices (stem-up and stem-down) at the same time-point, Sibelius overlays the noteheads. This is incorrect when the notes are of differing lengths (e.g. one has a rhythm dot and the other does not): in this case the notes should be offset to avoid overlaying each other. The noteheads should overlay only when they are of identical lengths.


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Submitted by (@andrewnoahcap)

more similar noteheads for percussion

I know this sounds strange but could you please add more similar noteheads with dif. IDs. When writing/engraving for ie. concertband it is very common that you will have dozens of percussion-instruments in one staff. Also commonly there are only 4 differents note-heads in use. So very often one will find up to 6 or 7 instruments with the same pitch and notehead in one staff. I have worked with scores from 3 centuries ...more »


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Submitted by (@david08)

Transpose-able slash note heads

Currently it's not possible to transpose notes with slashes for note heads. If I create a rhythm sheet for guitar and want to copy it to the piano, the notes (slashes) are no longer in the middle of the staff. The command to transpose up or down an octave doesn't work on these notes. The workaround is to change the note heads to regular ones, transpose and change back. This only works if all your notes are slashes or ...more »


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