Submitted by (@jonathan404)

Inconsistent repeat/copy of notes with ties

If you input a note and tie as in Ex1 and then select the note and press R for repeat you get Ex2. If you select both notes in Ex3 and press R you get Ex3 you get Ex4. Clearly this is inconsistent and therefore one of these is a bug. These situations should not be confused with when the whole bar is selected when both situations result in the tie being copied. This is then consistent and I think correct (the tie is part ...more »


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Submitted by (@an0000)

Notes AND Rests Filter

So often I want to copy only the notes AND rests from a bar, but with chord changes, dynamics, text, etc. I can only quickly select the notes. Often that's enough, but there are plenty of times when a phrase begins with a rest that if included in the selection would make pasting much quicker.


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