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Full Plug-In List

Make the plug-in list full so you don't have to first go to the right ribbon tab to find the the plug-in.


Implement a search field at the top, like the Mac Spotlight or newer Windows Start Menu to find things fast. Common ones can optionally sort to the top of the list.


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Alternative midi keyboard input method

When connected to a midi keyboard or digital piano (73-88 keys) and pedal/foot control, hold down the pedal/foot control to display note lengths/values mapped out across the keys and select what you need and then release your foot to return to note input. This could be a easy and quick way of entering notes with just your midi device and it's foot pedal.


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Submitted by (@corwinnewall)

Plug-ins Should Be Able To Suggest And Set Their Own Shortcuts

I wrote 8 handy plug-ins which quickly copy or move the selection around (MoveUp, MoveRight, MoveLeft, MoveDown, CopyUp, CopyDown, CopyLeft, CopyRight). I manually assigned shortcuts using Ctrl+ and Ctrl+Alt+ the arrows on the Number pad.


So I can share this plug-in with you all (it comes in handy so much), plug-ins should be able to do the work of assigning the eight shortcuts.


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Submitted by (@robinwalker)

Scorch cannot save scores in IE Protected Mode

If the Scorch plug-in is used in Internet Explorer with Protected Mode enabled (the default on Windows Vista and higher), then any attempt to save the score to hard disk (using the Save button) will fail. This is because Internet Explorer in Protected Mode runs plug-ins at Low Integrity, for safety and security reasons. Low Integrity plug-ins are not permitted to write to disk areas labelled Medium Integrity or higher, ...more »


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