Submitted by (@robinwalker)

Auto-update plug-ins

Sibelius should automatically notify the user when one or more plug-ins are out-of-date, and then provide the user with the ability to see a list of out-of-date plug-ins, and the ability to select which ones to update to the latest version.


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Submitted by (@nacgerald)

Sibelius Scorch mobile app

I have a website that displays and plays selected music. The Sibelius Scorch plugin allows for the displaying and playing of the music. Currently, this works with IE in Windows. I use my phone when on the road. Problem: no Scorch plugin available for android?!


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Submitted by (@madmusicologist)

Plugin format .aax

Hi. I'd love to suggest Sibelius also accepts plugins with the plugin format *aax. The sad story behind this is that Gibson has killed off Cakewalk, the product will neither be sold nor developped anymore. (Please see http://www.cakewalk.com/Gibson-Announcement.) As a user of Sibelius (8.7.2) it was a small step for me to replaye my #1 DAW Cakewalk Sonar by ProTools (12.8.2), but alas, ProTools takes only plugins with ...more »


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