Submitted by (@peter.roos)

Close integration with Pro Tools

I would love to see a close integration between Sibelius and Pro Tools where you can create a score in Sibelius while simultaneously being able, through a special linking system with Pro Tools, tweak the midi notes and the audio playback in Pro Tools (including use of plugins, freedom to choose virtual instruments that play back through Pro Tools, automation, bussing etc). To give an example, you could create a written ...more »


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Submitted by (@andrewnoahcap)

Messagebox when sounds are missing

When opening scores from other composers Sibelius asks whether or not to change the playback-configuration.

It would be also great to get a notification when sounds/plugins are missing, listing the affected staves and the plugins + sounds that are missing.


At the moment it is very time-consuming to recover scores and finding replacements.


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Using aax dsp plugins in Insert or as effects

Would be great to be able using aax dsp plugins in order to relieve cpu when playing or exporting the score.

Sibelius is an Avid products, so this is desheartening that axx plugins are ignored while only vst and audiounits are only proposed.

Also it would be great that all the plugins would be classified by categories or at least listed alphabetically.

Thanks for reading


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Submitted by (@m.wood)

Plugins for Scorch

I would really like to be able to write plugins that would work on Scorch. The possibilities to adjust notation to suit the end user are already so great with Sibelius and ManuScript, but it's hard to deliver that individualised experience to the users who need it most, because they usually don't have access to the full version of the program.


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