Improvement of sounds on Scorch

Could you please improve the sounds on Scorch when playing back the score... People are selling their scores on score-exchange and a good sound is always selling point. Why not a licence-agreement with, lets say sonivox SF, so the sounds come along with the plugin installed locally on a users computer. http://www.sonivoxmi.com/ProductList.asp?new=1&lstSort=Instrument&mnu=List&lstShipCode=D&optDetail=D&lstSynthSearch=Soundfont&sfpict=1&pagetitle=SONiVOX%20-%20Soundfonts&a1b2=379988135 ...more »

Submitted by (@andrewnoahcap)


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Scorch for Windows 8/Windows Phone 8

I would like to see Scorch as a Windows App on the version 8 platforms. Why should this only be for iPad? I'm moving to everything Windows now and I would love to have this application released in the Windows Store. It would also boost the number of products that Scorch would be available for, with the touchscreen masses that is available now.

Submitted by (@markeysemundy)


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Plugins for Scorch

I would really like to be able to write plugins that would work on Scorch. The possibilities to adjust notation to suit the end user are already so great with Sibelius and ManuScript, but it's hard to deliver that individualised experience to the users who need it most, because they usually don't have access to the full version of the program.

Submitted by (@m.wood)


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