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Sibelius Network License Server - Support IPv6

The current Sibelius Network License server for multiseat licenses only works over IPv4. Please re engineer the licensing server to support IPv6 as well as IPv4.


With more and more educational institutions moving to IPv6 (we are fully IPv6 apart from our Sibelius machines), as well BT rolling out IPv6 nationwide in the UK in 2016, supporting IPv6 in Sibelius will become important.


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Submitted by (@djd654321)

Include detailed Check out licence info in Licence Server Log

Here is an excerpt from a log in the Sibelius 7 Licence Server: (52098) : : Adding client id: 6669 (9 of 50) (52099) : : Client alive (52099) : : Client add request version: 7.1, feature: ENT_SIBELIUS_SEAT, protocol: 5000, machineID: 6CF7D469, comp: LAPBRAD, user: Bradley (52099) : : New client at this address (52099) : ...more »


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