Submitted by (@markstarr)

Sibelius Sounds strings

IMHO, the string sounds in Sibelius Sounds 7 are still in need of drastic improvement, even though SS7 improved slightly from SS6. They still sound somewhat acrid and metallic, with a buzzy tone. While many other of the instruments are now acceptable, the artificial string tone and poor articulations are dead giveaways when listening to a playback that this computerized performance.


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Submitted by (@gjjones)

Additional instruments

In addition to the vast sound library that Sibelius offers, I would like to propose that the software should include additional sounds such as: an accordion/bandoneon set, additional woodwind instruments (such as bass saxophone, Japanese wind instruments, Latin-American instruments and oboe d'amore), additional brass instruments (such as a cimbasso and contrabass trombone), additional string instruments (such as a Koto, ...more »


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Submitted by (@lauries.coltri)

Playback of tied notes and hairpins; flute sample

When I place a crescendo (hairpin) over a note containing a tie across two measures, the sound volume abruptly drops when playback reaches the second measure. This problem has existed at least since Sibelius 7.0 and continues in Sibelius 7.5. I have encountered it with the flute instrument sample, but not with all instruments.


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Submitted by (@dawson)

New and Improved Instruments

While the selection in Sibelius 7.5 is pretty good, and most of the sounds in the Professional Sound Library are fantastic, I have a few more new ideas for instruments. Some have told me to use a third party VST to supply these additional instruments, but check the comments on this idea for reasons why this is not an acceptable solution in my case. Here are my suggestions for new instruments, as well as videos to demonstrate ...more »


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