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Scorch for Windows 8/Windows Phone 8

I would like to see Scorch as a Windows App on the version 8 platforms. Why should this only be for iPad? I'm moving to everything Windows now and I would love to have this application released in the Windows Store. It would also boost the number of products that Scorch would be available for, with the touchscreen masses that is available now.


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Alternative mouse input methods

Click & drag mouse/touchpad notation: (touch and drag for windows 8 as well) Click and hold on the desired position on the stave and a horizontal pop-up list of note values appears to the right. Whilst holding the mouse button down, move the mouse pointer along the horizontal pop-up, hover mouse over the desired value such as a crotchet and let go to input that note and value. Other values such as naturals, sharps, ...more »


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