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At Avid, we understand the value and importance of capturing ideas and feedback from our community and strive to collaborate on innovative solutions and capabilities for future releases. In doing so, Avid has been reviewing the platforms used to collect feedback with the goal of optimizing the process for everyone.

As a result of this review, we have decided to retire sibelius.ideascale.com effective September 27, 2018. In preparation for this transition, we encourage you to start using the Avid Customer Association or the Avid Link beta app for submitting feedback around product innovations. As part of this transition, we plan to import many of the most popular existing feature requests from IdeaScale at the end of this year.

We look forward to having you continue to share your insight and ideas in 2019 and beyond.

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Improving adding bars at the beginning of a score

When we try to add one or more measures at the beginning of a score, Sibelius makes a tremendous mess, as shown in the attached image. This is because the title, subtitle, name of lyricist and composer, among other information, are tied to the first bar. When add bars at the beginning of the score, it will keep the information linked to that which previously was the first bar. It is important that when we add bars, all... more »


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distance between staves

Yet another thing publishers and engravers are calling for is setting the distance between staves with numeric values in mm, inch or pixel. This is needed to keep the baseline on one page similar to the next. In german this is called "Registerhaltigkeit".

When staff-rulers are enabled a doubleclick onto a distance-value could open a box where one can enter the needed value and choose the measurement (mm, inch.etc.) A... more »


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Improvement of Tuplets

absolute important for engravers and publishers...!

The major publishing houses estimated hundred (and more) years ago have to deal with reprinting, re-publishing their old music.

In the romantic era it was quite common to write ie. 13 16th in time of a quarter. I have seen this too often to call it a minor effect...

The best would be to give the user the possibility to to make a "this instead of that"-decision ie.... more »


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Improvement of Glissando

Glissando needs an improvement. When one adds a glissando to a note w/o a goal-note playback wont play the glissando. So a fall or gliss-down wont work.


It also would be great to set the startpoint and duration of a glissando.


When a glissando is added to a whole-note the duration of the glissando covers the complete note-duration, even when the gliss should be played at the very end of a note.


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